Louise Toffolo Weebly Websites

Louise's creation of the website.

First, you start off with the Weebly Editor. The Weebly Editor is the area where you edit your website, and then after...you publish it. Creating a website can be fun and doesn't take long with all of Weebly's drag-and-drop designed icons at the top of the page. The Weebly Editor logo is on the left. If you want to create your own Weebly website. Click and join the club a side. Create a free website with Weebly and join the club when you sign-up.

After, choosing a Weebly domain. Simple. 

Once you are finished creating your Weebly website, you have three choices of domains for/from Weebly.
Follow the instructions below.

1. Sub-domain of weebly.com ::    http://yourwebsitename.weebly.com
2. Purchase your own domain through Weebly:       http://www.yourwebsitename.com or .net or .org
3. A domain you own:       http://www.yourwebsitename.com or .org or .net, etc., etc. Your own domain can be from Go-Daddy...you can use any domain from Go-Daddy Domains.
If you do a sub-domain through weebly.com (like this website) as you type your own domain name (through weebly.com, Weebly will check if it is available or not.

Upgrade, Publish, Create. Weebly.

After you are finished with the Weebly Editor. You can publish...This website is a sub-domain of weebly.com, so we called it by my name Louise Toffolo: http://louise-toffolo.weebly.com. The free way of creating a Weebly website. (The following is if you do a sub-domain of weebly.com only.) Once you click Publish, your on the internet. 

Upgrading to WeeblyPro.


Weebly Pro Accounts offer additional features, faster support responses, and of course, lots of Weebly love.Upgrading to Weebly Pro is absolutely simple, too...as all stuff from Weebly is. Anyway, when you want to upgrade to WeeblyPro, go to your To-Do List in your Weebly account page and there will be a button that says: Upgrade to Weebly Pro       So click that button and follow the steps after you click the button. So, if there 
       is no button that says Upgrade to WeeblyPro, just click the blue arrow and that'll bring 
       you to the WeeblyPro purchase page.
       Upgrade to Weebly Pro
This is actually a button to click.            

Need help? Click where the arrow is pointing:---> Help!