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Well, I know... It's now April of 2010. (To say, 2009 is 5 months back in time). This post is going to have to be short because I got stuff to do today. There will be more posts coming soon.
You know it's exiting to enter a brand new year. But there could be some hard sometimes... like saying goodbye forever to the old year 2009. But 2010, the New Year is like entering a whole new world. And right now, it's 2010 everywhere in the world. USA, Canada, Europe, UK... it's 2010 everywhere right now. Also, lots of people are talking about 2011. It'll be called the Concept Year. Because of the automobiles around the world will be conpletely redesigned. So will everything else; exept for us, us people/humans. Also, your a year older anytime in the year, January to December; that'll happen on your Birthday. A Birthday only happens once a year.
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Here's the full Christmas post that we were talking about on the stuff page. There's lots of news on this post; so keep track with the words.
There's lots of cool stuff you can do to track Santa Clause. The interesting part about this post is the video below showing and talking about Santa's health and fitness. So after all of those exams, the question is; Is Santa Clause ready to ride around the world? Let's find out.
Here's some Santa websites and an interesting video:

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