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The Weebly Games site located at has come back to life. When you type in in your browser, it will redirect you to If you want to play AntiPacMan, click Play AntiPacMan on the webpage to go to The Download Frameset still exists at
We have a Louise Toffolo Frameset from Ignore the title, it was all written from the Quackit Frameset Generator located at
We finally have an Share button to share this website with other people. We're trying to make this the most popular sub-domained Weebly website. Let's see what else 
Louise Toffolo Weebly Websites is finally getting an XML sitemap that is connected to the Google server. Click here to see the XML sitemap. Keep in mind, the sitemap is still under construction with 
Still, exists, but it will redirect you to
Finally, we have our first site blog post. In the near future, all pages will be updated.
Finally, we have a search engine to search and (this site). If you want to try it out, use it below or click the Search tab in the menu bar.
If you want to make your own search engine, below, search: custom search. (Don't include the period).