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 EnabledBudget: CA$1.00/day
Targeting:All networksAll devicesEnglishAll countries and territoriesBids (Max. CPC) Edit  Default bid CA$1.00 Content bid auto  

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Campaign #1EditLocations and Languages

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CA$1.00/dayEdit Position preference, delivery method (advanced)Ad extensions
Use this option to include relevant business information with your ads. Learn moreLocations  

Business owners - Use addresses from a Local Business Center account: NoneEdit 
Non-business owners - Use manually entered addresses: None Add an address  Note: addresses that are outside the campaign's target area will not be shown.

Phone extensions  

Display click-to-call phone number on iPhones and other mobile devices with full Internet browsers: None EditAdvanced settings Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping Demographic bidding

Reporting is not real-time. Clicks and impressions received in the last three hours may not be included here. 
There is a 24-hour delay in conversion tracking reporting.
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